Ordering Process

Boost Performance Order Quote System - We aim to make our customers' experience as smooth as possible by having everything listed in one store with extensive category refinement to simplify navigation. While we are constantly making improvements on our backend to better the experience, we’re currently unable to display live product availability. To avoid unnecessary payments being made for out of stock products or items that can’t be supplied within a suitable time frame. We use a quote request system to confirm availability, freight cost and options and also wait times if applicable before an order is paid for.

How to complete your order:

Step 1: Add each product and quantity to your quote using the "Add to Quote" button found on each product's website page.
Step 2: Repeat with other products needed by clicking "Keep Browsing".
Step 3: When your product list is complete fill out the contact form and click "Submit Quote".
Step 4: Once we have received your quote, we will check local availability to see if we have stock. If the product is out of stock, we check availability and wait times with suppliers. We then update your quote with the appropriate freight costs.
Step 5: Once an order has been approved, payment can be made via Paypal, Credit Card, Debit Card, Bank Transfer, Google Pay, Alipay and also Afterpay which is a buy now pay later option for up to $2,000.00
Step 6: Once the order has been paid for, parts will either be released or ordered in as required. Shipping information will be emailed to customers shortly after their order has been dispatched.

Quote Turnaround: We strive to get quotes back to you the same working day, but in certain cases, it may take longer.

In Conclusion: We hope our quote request system makes your shopping experience efficient, simple and easy!

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